Our Staff
  • account manager

    Professor Majid Al-Ani Preparing the financial statements, accounting and cost centers, and preparing the annual budget and internal accounts

  • Counselor for Legal Affairs

    Yasser Nahas Follow-up contracts, agreements, legal and governmental procedures, and the legal agent for all follow-ups of official business

  • Architect

    Architect Maya Al Zabibi Associate Principal Architect, Architectural Design and Internal Relations Coordinator

  • Civil Engineer

    Civil Engineer Mohammad Mutasim Nazir Mudkhana Participate in the design of construction plans, and carry out supervision and implementation of construction projects

  • Office Manager - Damascus - Syria

    Architect Omar Assaf Senior Designer, Associate Architect Designer, Implementation project manager

  • Office Manager - Istanbul - Turkey

    Architect Ahmed Bloul Senior Designer, Associate Architect Designer, Clients Relationship Coordinator

  • CEO

    Architect Mohammad Assaf Head of Architects and Chief Executive Officer