Architectural Design

At Mhdassaf we are in creative and professional standing course in which we would deal with multiple types of information and ideas to bring it out in a form of a creative solution and presented as a special vision which turned into a form of schema, tripartite dimensions and a timetable where the design integrates a professional way and creative product at the same time.

Interior Design

Interior design is the art of create functional and beautiful areas of innovative spaces that in line with a unique sense, style and requirements of each individual client.
We are specialized in this art, greatly presents it by understand and fulfill the needs and behavior of people into a perfect human scale.
We are the pioneers here! 


Our solutions are not limited to architecture only, we also expand to accommodate landscape design, which has become an essential need in our life.
We integrate green and aquatic components in addition to the entertainment and facilitation components into a wonderful and innovative designs that in line with the standard environmental concepts.


Urban planning is one of our main targets, that handled by integrated team of specialists and experienced members to scan urban area suffering an issue and need to be solved in order to get the best possible outputs, comfort of people along with the high organizing of housing and constructions, and maximize the advantage of nature and resources as much as possible within a standing development plan and during specific time frame.

Construting Projects

We follow highly specified procedures in projects implementation which based on a precise timing plan that achieved by professional executive engineers according to specific time frame and quality standards to reach the best level of execution, where the design and schema firmly matching the final product.

Engineering Consulting

We are always at your service to provide engineering and project management consulting services in all engineering fields.
Paying attention to all details in order to achieve the target of the project and fulfill and the real needs of our customers.