Al-Awali District - Apartments (normal and duplex)


Such a superb place, Al-Awali district, we managed this great project through:

Firstly, digging the site till reaching the ground of foundation, and then filling and piling the site as layers of gradual soil composed of gravel in order to reach the level of construction.

Then scanning the project locus’s using a Total Station equipment, and also spraying the site with anti-white ants and put plastic chips to protect the concrete basis, in addition to water insulator between the base and the wall of the tank, which is known as (The Water Stop) and isolating the walls and basis with bitumen, furthermore pouring the normal and armed basis according to schemes and advisory consulting, and pouring the basement basis, retaining wall, and the walls of the tank.

Thereafter forming the rebar, and pouring the ceiling of the basement and the ground floor basis and formwork the roof, preparing the settlement floor basis, then pouring the roof as well as pouring the roof of the parking, the first and the third floors, along with the hostel, repeated floors and the fourth floor.

At last, pouring the elevator room and the finalizing the works of the brick.

Finally, we prepared and finalized the cement and red blocks, and cleaning up the project.

Ashikh Shaeh Bn Amer Alaskh - Mecca
Group of Work
Architect Mohammad Assaf 
Architect ahmadbaloul
Architect omar assaf
Eng. Mahmoud Sodan
Foreman Mamdouh Mustafa
Assistant Foreman Emad Abdlhasib